DC Machines, troubleshooting and maintenance

1. DC Machine

DC machine Conversions of one form of energy into another enables us to use natural power sources as well as manufactured power sources to produce our electrical power supply. Although electricity can be produced by friction, pressure, heat, light, chemical action and magnetism, the most common method used by large power producers is magnetism.

1.2. Maintenance &Troubleshooting           

  1. Troubleshooting could be a field if repair work that sometimes tells however well the scholar has learned the teachings. The principals concerned on top of things functions; elements gate analysis, together with the fundamental laws of electricity.
  2. Your best tool once troubleshooting is your ability of supposes. Do not jump to conclusions. Deem in your ability. Find out how the instrumentation in your apace is meant to control, each electrically and automatically.
  3. Observe all plant rules and laws. Electricity will be dangerous. Additionally to the hazards of shock and electrocution, burns from associate in nursing electrical flash will be devastating.  Watch out once gap the circuit. The inductive kick which will occur once a circuit opens produces a voltage that’s repeatedly the voltage applied to the system.
  4. No matter however advanced or overpriced associate in nursing electrical system is the elements of the system begin to deteriorate as before long as they’re put in and failure of some elements within the system can ultimately result.
  5. Blown fuses, overload contacts, open contacts, short circuits, burned out coils and grounds are chargeable for most electric circuit failures.
  6. Troubleshooting will be generalized in three step;
    1) Verify the symptoms; that’s, verify however it acts. (When instrumentation is working properly, you ought to verify however it’s presupposed to operate.)

2) Decide by logical reasoning what may well be wrong. (Try to isolate the matter to a neighborhood of the management.)

3) verify what has got to be done to correct the matter.

7. If we have a tendency to are troubleshooting Associate in nursing existing circuit, one that has been in commission and operated properly, we will eliminate the chance of faults installations or style.

8. The initial step determines the symptoms will best accomplished by operating with the machine operator and following the machine through its sequence to the purpose of failure.

9. Remember that notwithstanding however advanced, negative feedback circuit  are created from solely 2 things. Contacts that open and shut a circuit and coils that operate the contacts, keeping in mind the management voltage.

10. Probably the one most significant rule hassle shooting is to recollect varying just one issue at a time.

11. Remember, the operator is aware of the operation and may be associate in nursing plus to you in your troubleshooting. Question the operator however do not challenge his operational ability.

12. Anyone trying to troubleshoot while not a drawing and a meter is wasting the time

13. Instead of random checking the circuit; begin from the supply to the machine or from the machine to the supply.

14. Finally take time to suppose

1.3. Some important question for DC machine

Q. what’s electrical Generator?
A. electrical generators are referred to as dynamos that convert energy into voltage. A generator consists of 2 basic half’s- the stationary half and also the rotating part.

Q. however emf is formed in a very generator?
A. once a conductor cuts the magnetic lines of forces, Associate in nursing electro driver (emf) is generated. The magnitude of the generated voltage is directly proportional to the speed of amendment at that a conductor cuts the magnetic lines of force.

Q. what’s DC motor?
A. an electrical motor converts voltage in to energy.

Q. what percentage sort of DC motors are there?
A. DC shunt motor: shunt motor speed varies slightly from no load to full load.
DC series motor: series motor speed varies greatly as load changes.
DC compound motor: the compound motor contains each a shunt field and a series field and thus has characteristics between the shunt and also the series motors. This motor has the great beginning torsion characteristics provided by the series field, whereas the shunt field provides for a comparatively constant speed.

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