1.Power factor

1.Power factor Definition power factor is “cosine angle between voltage and current is told of power factor”. Power factor is a simple, unit-less ratio of real power to apparent power. Real power is the power used at the load measured in kilowatts (kW). Apparent power is a measurement of power in volt-amps (VA) Power factor …

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NPCIL 2019 Exam paper SA/ST CAT-I (Electrical)

Question No. 1 The maximum temperature permitted in Class A insulation is A) 180° C             B) 155° C C) 120° C             D) 105° C  Answer Key: D Question No. 2 MHCP in illumination stands for A) Median Horizontal Candle Power                B) Mode Horizontal Candle Power C) Mean Horizontal Candle Power                   D) …

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