Month: October 2021



1. Autotransformers It is attainable to get electrical device action by suggests that of one coil, provided that there’s a “tap connection” somewhere on the winding. Transformers having only 1 winding area unit known as autotransformers, shown schematically in figure. An autotransformer has the standard core however only 1 winding, that is common to each the first and secondary circuits. The primary is usually the portion of the winding connected to the AC power supply. This transformer could also be wont to step voltage up or down. …

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Transformer action and principal

1.1. principal of operation Transformer operate relies on the principle that electricity is transferred expeditiously by magnetic induction from one circuit to another circuit. One winding of a electrical device is energized from electricity (AC) supply, alternating force field is established within the electrical device core. Alternating magnetic lines of force, referred to as “flux” …

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