Month: September 2021


General It is essentially important to carry out electrical maintenance on a regular basis; maintaining all the electrical material fittings, appliances, and devices in and around your home. Maintenance enhances the smooth running of all the electricity-powered items in your home while creating a safe environment that will be free from all sorts of hazards. Today, we …


Instrument Transformers

1.What is an Instrument Transformer? • It could be a electrical device that’s utilized in conjunction with any measuring device (i.e.,   Ammeter,Voltmeter, Wattmeter, Watt-hour-meter …etc.) or protecting instrumentality (i.e., Relays). • It utilizes the current-transformation and voltage transformation properties to live high ac current and voltage. 2.Types of instrument transformers: This instrument transformers area unit of 2 types:- 1. Current transformers 2. Potential transformers 3.Applications of Instrument Transformers: •  For measuring …

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